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The Wonder Woods of Sant’Ambrogio

A few kilometers from Turin, just at the base of the Sacra di San Michele, there is an “enchanted” place that I recently discovered thanks to my wife.

To reach it you have to get to Sant’Ambrogio and from there walk a piece of the old mule track that goes up to the Sacra and at some point you meet the entrance to the wood.

You will thus be catapulted into a strange environmnet, far from our usual urban rhythms and everyday’schaos.

You will find the throne of Arthur, the corner of the witches, the giant pencils, the house of the gnomes and much more.

A place that reminded me of when I was a child taking me to a playground where the only attractions were fixed things (in the sense without roller coasters, electricity and noise) and you only enjoyed yourself if you let yourself go to your imagination.

Actually this is a location created ad hoc by people who want to combine their passion and work and you can view their offer here at, surely you will find something interesting to entertain your children (but in the end all of us have fun in this place!).

In any case it is worth taking a walk inside even when there are no activities (it’s an open space), the important thing is to always respect the environment and leave things as they are!